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BOX  A                                                            BOX  B                                             BOX  C 

2  Sirloin steaks                                         2  Delmonicoe steaks                    3 T-Bone steaks

4  NY Strip steaks                                        2  T-Bone steaks                         1  Sirloin steak

2  T-Bone steaks                                           4  NY strip steaks                  1 Rolled rump roast

4  Pork steaks                                               4  Cubed steaks               1 Rack baby back ribs

4  Pork chops                                                   1  Pork roast                        6 leg quarters

3 lbs. Ground chuck                                         4  Pork chops                       4lbs. Sausage

2lbs. Bacon                                                       6 Country ribs                     1lbs. bacon

                                                                       3lbs. Ground chuck               2lbs. Beef patties

                                                                        2lbs. Beef patties

  $105.00                                                                 $95.00                                 $85.00

BOX   D                                                             BOX  E                                           BOX  F

1 Sirloin steak                                                6 kabobs                                 4lbs. Beef patties

2 Tbone steaks                                            6 Pork chops                             4lbs. Hot dogs

1 Chuck roast                                               6 Cubed steaks                  2lbs. smoked sausage

8 Pork chops                                                 6 Leg quarters                       10lbs. leg quarters

2lbs. Beef patties                                        3lbs.Ground chuck                    2 bags french fries

1lb Bacon                                                      2lbs Beef patties

   $75.00                                                             $65.00                                       $50.00

          STEAK  BOX                                                        WEEKENDER   BOX

2  T-Bones                                                                         1lbs. Hot dogs

2 Portehouses                                                                  1lbs. Beef patties

2  Sirloin steaks                                                               1 pack hot dog buns

4  Delmonicos                                                                1 pack hamburger  buns

4  NY strip steaks                                                                  12   Eggs

                                                                                    1lbs.  Breakfast sausage

                                                                                           1lbs.  Bacon

$110.00                                                                                   $28.00

With all the boxes we ask that you give us 12 hour notice. There is also a $5 dollar charge to have the boxes portion and freezer wrapped.