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Cutting meat is a tradition for the Brecht family. At a very young age in Germany, Lothar Brecht was handed a knife and told he was to become a Butcher. At the age of 18 he came to America as a Master Butcher. With nothing but a couple of saw horses and a makeshift tabletop, he began processing meat in his basement in Pennsylvania. He began selling sausage to local supermarkets and restaurants, and eventually opened his own processing plant, selling the highest quality meats to restaurants and institutions.

After many years, Lothar Brecht retired and moved to Lake Helen, FL.  By 1993, he grew tired of retirement, and once again pursued his passion. He opened Brecht's Meats with his wife Donna, his daughter Monika, and Son in law, Nick. Brecht's Meats opened selling both wholesale to restaurants and retail to the public. To this day we continue to carry on the tradition of cutting and processing meat the old way. Our steaks are cut fresh on a daily basis. Our sausages come from authentic old world recipes carried over by Lothar Brecht himself. Our ground is always fresh and never has fillers.

Now run by Monika and Nick, Brecht's Meats is still the small town butcher shop that it started as. We are a USDA inspected plant that is dedicated to nothing but the highest quality and exceptional service. We are proud to carry on our family's tradition... of feeding your family.