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These services include:

 Portion control- We can custom cut items to whatever serving size is convenient, and/or package your items to fit your family's needs.

Custom processing- Bring in your wild game and we can further process your deer,hog,steer,buffalo,gator,emu,etc.  We can grind, make cube steaks, make sausage, tie roasts, cut stew and cut steaks out of your game.(call for pricing and details)

Holiday and specialty items-  We offer a large variety of holiday and specialty items such as crown pork roast, standing rib roast, turduckeons, and our own world renwowned homemade bacon torpedo. We also make a large variety of specialty burgers such as Bacon Jalepeno, Bratwurst burgers, Black and Bleu, and Bacon BBQ Cheddar.

Custom Box Orders- Decide your price range and we will create a freezer package for you based on your taste and the size of your family.

Custom Sausages- As well as making all of our own authentic European sausages in house, we also make custm sausages. If you have a tradiotanal or family recipe you would like us to recreate, our experts have experience with all types of sausages of varrying tastes from around the world.

Deli Platters- For any party or event, we will put together a custom deli platter of the finest quality meats and cheeses.